(Yahoo!) - Sure, you're familiar with Shaun White, the two-time Olympic medalist (not to mention his dominance at the ESPY Awards and X-Games). But did you know he's also a rocker? White's been playing guitar in the band Bad Things with a group of buddies that date back to his teen years, and he's serious about his musical direction.

White has managed to fit music into his packed sports schedule, playing Lollapalooza last year and touring this year in anticipation of Bad Things' self-titled debut release. The set comes out on Tuesday, January 21, and we at Yahoo Music are totally pumped to offer a first listen of the song "End Of The Road" so you can get a taste of White's "other" endeavor.

White is, of course, currently prepping for next month's 2014 Winter Olympics in addition to launching Bad Things' first album. How does he manage to do it all? Tune in to NBC January 25 to watch “Shaun White: Russia Calling” -- the special gives an inside look at how the star snowboarder managed to get ready for the big Games in addition to juggling his other commitments, including Bad Things.

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