Minneapolis/St.Paul locals could ardently defend their home for plentiful theater and breathtaking bike trails but let us not forget what makes the Twin Cities truly great: the beer. The Republic of Minneapolis and The Happy Gnome of St. Paul once again made 'Draft Magazine's' 100 best beer bars in America list.

As the craft beer trend becomes more popular, criteria like service and overall beer knowledge, in addition to beer selection, have become key to 'Draft Magazine's' decision. This marks the fifth year The Happy Gnome made the cut and the second list appearance for The Republic.

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According to City Pages, past winning bars include Minneapolis's Blue Nile (2010) and St. Paul's Muddy Pig (2010-2012). So Twin Cities beer lovers rejoice! Some of the best brew locations in the country are practically in your back yard.

Source: DraftMag.com + CityPages.com