I remember when I got the call about winning the Cities 97 ‘Free Music For A Year’ contest. I couldn't stop smiling and couldn't wait to tell everyone. Before winning, I'd seen one concert in my life so far. Now, it feels like I've seen hundreds!
One of my favorite concerts was Sara Bareilles at the Minnesota Zoo. She was so funny and of course a great singer - I was singing along the whole time. I brought my best friend Julia who only knew a few songs of hers and by the end of the concert; she was asking to borrow my cds. (Which I still haven't gotten back.)
I also loved going to the Studio C performance at Stella's featuring Mat Kearny - I got his autograph and a picture with him - twice! He was so cool and even played my favorite song of his – ‘Hey Mama.’

Another one of my top concerts so far was Glee - my friend and I are big, big fans of the show and it was so crazy to actually see them live - right there in front of us! We couldn't stop talking about that. Now whenever we hear a song they performed we say, "We saw that live!"
The Basilica Block Party was another great time. Year after year, I'd hear about it on the radio and finally I got to go! The first night I went with my dad and we saw Lissie, the Jayhawks and Michael Franti. The second night my boyfriend and I got there right at 5 o' clock to get in the front row at the sun country stage. We stood there for 3 hours straight, listening to Stuart D'Rozario, Gomez and Amos Lee.

Oh! They even gave me tickets to Cirque Du Soleil! They are my favorite circus and I've only seen them one other time - so to see them twice was so amazing, the show's theme was bugs and I remember you could literally smell dirt and flowers.

So, it's safe to say that Cities 97 is my favorite radio station - and I'm pretty sure it'll stay that way, how could it not after all they've given me? I've been exposed to so much culture, and music I have to get another mp3 player for all my songs!

Thanks Cities 97!