Super Bowl Sunday is typically America's most popular day for eating pizza, but what about for Americans who fall somewhat outside of the local delivery range? Thousands of U.S. service members stationed overseas will lack access to the game day tradition of a Chicago-Style Slice. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is working with Pizzas 4 Patriots and DHL for a second consecutive time to change this.

10,000 Ready-to-bake Chicago-style pizzas from "Great Kitchens" will travel from Illinois to Operating Bases across the Middle East on Super Bowl Sunday. The collaboration aims to provide a "slice-of-home" for every soldier stationed in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Oman during the big game.

"It's up to us to make sure [our nation's sons and daughters on the front lines] are not forgotten on Super Bowl Sunday or any day of the year." Said Governor Quinn in a recent press release.

Whether you're a Broncos backer or Seahawks supporter, we are all rooting for our Service members. A slice of pizza for each soldier will certainly be a Superbowl victory.

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