Some interns participating in The Barn, a program by BBH, have teamed up with animal rescue organization Social Tees to find a clever way to help find some dogs a home. The team is using the dating app Tinder to help match up potential owners with dogs looking to be adopted.

Users can swipe yes on the pictures of the pups and then a link will be sent to them with the non-profit organization that rescued them. From there they can get information on how to adopt the dog or simply on ways they can help volunteer at the organization.

Users don't necessarily have to adopt the dog either. They can volunteer to foster the dog for up to two weeks if they're just looking for some way to help. The group put 10 dogs on the app and since then have had over 2,000 matches and according to Tech Crunch one of the dogs has already been adopted!

Check out the video for the 'Puppy Love' campaign below:


Source: Tech Crunch