Imagine waking up and going outside only to find a porcelain doll on your doorstep that looks just like your daughter. Sounds creepy, right? Cue the Twilight Zone music.

At least eight families who had daughters of about 10-years-old experienced this creepy gesture in San Clemente, CA. The dolls had no note. They were just left on doorsteps without an explanation.

The families began filing police reports of the doll appearances in June, and now they finally have an answer. But it wasn’t a creeper. It was just a kind lady from the same church the families attended.

The woman was doing some summer cleaning and found a bunch of porcelain dolls. She matched them up with young girls from her church with the same color hair and delivered them to the families with the intention of surprising the girls with a gift. They were definitely surprised.

Next time, the woman should think about leaving a note.


Source: ABC News