We can all agree that stepping into a pile of quicksand would be scary, but what if all that sand was replaced with manure?

In what sounds like a nightmarish scenario, the Faribault Daily News is reporting that a 41-year-old man from Montgomery, MN came dangerously close to being buried alive in a pit of manure! According to reports, Corey Pumper was buried up to his neck and unconscious when authorities arrived on the scene.

Rescue teams attempted to fish him out of the pit with a rope before finally finding success with a ladder. The good news is Corey was taken to the hospital, treated, and released the same day, but things could have easily gone south had it not been for the quick response time of the Rice County Sheriff's and the Northfield Fire & Rescue teams.

We're all glad Corey is ok, but we’re still shuddering thinking about that situation: death by manure is no way to go.

Source: Fairbault Daily News