Water sport fans, rejoice!

Boaters can finally enjoy a weekend on Lake Minnetonka after no wake restrictions (in place for nearly two months) have been lifted.

The restriction was due to the overwhelming amount of rain the area received in June, the June with the most rain in Minnesota history.

Lakefront marinas and restaurants have seen a decrease in business over the past two months. Gasoline sales are lower than ever at the Grays Bay Marina in Minnetonka. But these businesses are anticipating a busier weekend than any in the past two months.

Wake restrictions still remain for areas within 600 feet of shore, but boaters can still enjoy water sports previously impossible with the restrictions, like water skiing, jet skiing, or wakeboarding.

Boaters can also celebrate a nice forecast for the weekend. Saturday will be sunny with a high of 89°, and Sunday will be partly cloudy with a high of 74°.


Source: Star TribuneWeather.com