You've heard it, I've heard hit, we've all heard it--"What does the fox say?"

"The Fox", a YouTube video that went viral after its September launching by the Norwegian comedy pair Ylvis, spiked the interest of writers. This catchy video won the heart of Simon & Schuster, a publishing company who decided to spin "The Fox" tune into the title of a new book.

Joe Anderson, the president and publisher of Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing noted that the video is "hilarious, mesmerizing, and unforgettable." So unforgettable that he thinks applying the catchy lyrics to a children's book is perfect, and we can't agree more.

The book is set to be written, edited and published all within the next month. You can look forward to discovering more about "the fox" when it hits the bookstores on December 10 and once again we will have the memorable, "What does the fox say?" stuck in our heads.