Last Friday, Bastille made its way to Minnesota for the very first time and into Studio C. Durign their interview with Brian Oake, the band commented on their newfound fame, the Brit Awards and becoming a "proper" band amidst performing three of their songs, "Bad Blood," "Flaws" and "Pompeii" to end their performance.

Stream Bastille's Studio C performance of 'Pompeii' below:

During the interview, Oake commented on the band's nominations for the British equivalent of the Grammy's, the Brit Awards. Bastille is nominated for Best British Album, Best Single, Best Group and Best Breakthrough Artist. When asked about their nominations Bastille commented, "We're up against people that we massively admire and love…it's nice to be included in those groups of people. And surreal." When asked what it feels like to have a hit record in the States Bastille stated, "It's mad, but it's great. It's wonderful."

In the next year th eband has a tour in the UK, other parts of Europe and the US planned at several venues as well as performances at music festivals and several other appearances scheduled. When asked about their "aggressive" tour coming up, Bastille concluded, "Someone called it a world tour the other day which made us sound like a proper band."

Listen to the complete interview + performance below:

Bastille may think they're merely a "proper band," but I think they showed us in Studio C that they're far beyond just being "proper." Try extraordinary.

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Source: Cities 97 Studio C