Patrick Wilson impressed a Florida audience with more than just his drumming skills last Friday when he caught a Frisbee mid-performance without ever missing a beat. The drummer for Weezer was in the midst of the band’s performance of 'Beverly Hills' in St. Augustine when a Frisbee was tossed on stage directly towards him.

No worries though, Wilson casually grabbed the disc while continuing to play with one hand. Much to the delight of the crowd he then stuck the Frisbee between his teeth and continued playing before finally placing it aside.
Rivers Cuomo, the frontman of the band, missed the epic moment, but tweeted about it after the show including a link to a fan’s Instagram clip of the moment.

One more reason @patrick_wilson is my favorite drummer in the world:) @lhammond94 He caught the frisbee!!! #weezer

— Rivers Cuomo (@RiversCuomo) June 7, 2014
The band posted a drum cam angle on their Facebook and you can check out the catch from multiple perspectives in the video below:

The bands last album 'Hurley' was released in 2010, but the musicians have been working on new material and posted a teaser to YouTube in March. The band will celebrate their "Blue Album" in September with a performance at the Chicago 2014 Riot Fest.