The Voice started its fifth season this week with a recent Emmy win under their belt and tons of fresh, unique talent in store for us.

One native Minnesotan, Holly Henry, made her way to the auditions and won all the judges hearts with her rendition of Coldplay's 'The Scientist.'

Returning judge, Blake Shelton, immediately slammed his hand onto the chair-turning button after Henry sang just one line of the piece and eventually all four judges turned their chairs in hopes of persuading Henry to join their team.

Henry, a 19-year-old 2012 graduate from Hopkins High School, admitted to the judges that she has never taken to the stage. Despite her lack of local stage experience, Holly dabbled in songwriting and even launched a Bandcamp page recently.

After each judge tried wooing Holly onto their team she eventually chose Blake and describes the audition as, "The most unexpected thing of [her] life."

In just one day, Henry's audition has gathered more than 54,000 views on YouTube and her cover of 'The Scientist' has already broken into the iTunes Top 100:

Holly has made Minnesota proud and her beautifully talented voice is sure to carry her far in the competition.