This morning Oake and Keri interviewed Holly Henry. Holly is one of Minnesota’s very own and recently made it through the blind auditions on NBC's 'The Voice'. After joining returning-judge Blake Shelton's team, Henry was able to head home for some prep time before the battle rounds start in a week:

In the interview, the humble and talented 19-year old gave Oake and Keri the details of her journey thus far. Keri notes that Holly didn't participate in vocal competitions prior to her 'Voice' audition and Holly responds about going onstage for the first time, "Yeah, that was a dumb idea. I kinda did it [singing] more as a hobby, it was more like writing music that I was doing. It was definitely the biggest crowd I've ever performed for in my life."

During Holly's audition she had not only one judge, but all four turn their chairs around. Blake Shelton—Holly’s chosen judge—turned his chair around after only a few lines of Holly's audition song, Coldplay's, "The Scientist". Oake and Keri asked Holly how she chose her judge, "I told myself in the beginning I would choose whoever turned first and he [Blake] turned within like two seconds. He heard something he wanted and that's enough for me."

At the very end of the interview, Oake asked Holly if Adam Levine is even more impressive in person. Holly responded while laughing, "So many people ask me this, it's awesome! Yes, absolutely. He's a beautiful human being."

We wish Holly all the luck in the battle rounds next week and can't wait to see what's in store for Minnesota's own incredibly talented singer in the future.