Update (05.08.2013) - Matt just revealed the complete tracklisting:

Earthquake Weather
Mission Bells
Last Days of Summer in San Francisco
Kinks Shirt
Sky High Honey
Annie’s Always Waiting (For the New One to Leave)
Kill The Lights
Heart Starts
Birthday Girl
Sunday New York Times
Farewell, December


Matt's latest correspondence to his mailing list contained some very exciting new album news including the release date, title and striking cover art by New York photographer Mr. Toledano:

The photograph has been a favorite of mine for years. It was done by an incredible artist called mr. toledano. I was over the moon when he gave us the go ahead to use it.

In this age of digital distribution, does cover art even matter? Matt will tell you that not only does it still matter, but it remains a 'crucial part of the experience' of listening to music:

Part of the fun of making a record, for me, is finding a title and coming up with the album cover. As a music fan/nerd, these things are what cement the album concepts AND give the songs a thread to hang from...for the listener, it's one more level to dream on. I mean, I STILL stare at the cover of 'The Joshua Tree' when I listen to it...it's such a crucial part of the experience. Can you imagine it without that cover??

The US release date for 'Last of The Great Pretenders' is July 16th with preorders opening up on May 21st via iTunes. Matt will join us just 4 days ahead of the release for a set at the 2013 Cities 97 Basilica Block Party on Friday, July 12th - Tickets are on sale now.

Source: MattNathanson.com Mailing List