In a candid blog post, Matt Hires has announced that he's breaking off from F-Stop/ Atlantic Records to become an independent musician. Though calling the move “frightening,” Hires also says it is “exciting and freeing” while naming no expectations, releasing new music more often/more quickly and not having anyone peering over his shoulder as some of the perks of this new endeavor.

He’s not wasting any time either; Hires is already posting updates from Emissary Studio in Orlando where he is starting to lay down material for his upcoming 'Heartache Machine EP'. “Instead of having to wait 6-12 months (or longer) after recording these songs to get them into your ears, I’m going to do it as fast as I possibly can,” he wrote.

Hires also mentions his other goals for the new year include playing more shows this spring, introducing new merchandise and releasing a lot of new music based on suggestions, ideas and interactions with his fans. Why? To put it simply, “Because I can do whatever I want,” he says.