When Mat Kearney tweeted earlier this week that he had 'a fun announcement to make this Friday' we immediately expected some juicy, new album news. Our hopes were quickly dashed once we noticed the hashtag: #SomethingOtherThanMyNewRecord. Mat made good on his promise this morning and let us all in on his new side project, a partnership with Peju + John Anthony Vineyards to develop and distribute 'Verse & Chorus' Napa Valley Red Wine! Here's what Mat had to say about the new project:

I left Oregon and the grapevines in my parents’ backyard, and headed for 'Music City' to see if I could make it as a musician. Hundreds of songs, four albums, and a few friends later, that journey brought me to the beauty of wine making. A good wine is like a good song; it tells a story, speaks to your soul, and even builds community. Verse & Chorus was dreamed up backstage, with my friends at Peju and John Anthony Vineyards, and made a reality with their family’s 60+ years of experience making wine in Napa Valley. It’s full of life, love and a little music. Turn it up and enjoy!

It sounds like Whole Foods will be the main distribution source for 'Verse & Chorus' (they recently featured it on their 'Favorite Wines Holiday Cheat Sheet') but if you have trouble locating it we did track down an online retailer that is currently selling it by the bottle + case: Petrock's Liquors. Whole Foods describes it as having 'Intense notes of black currant, plum and cocoa lead to rich juicy dark berry flavors. Toasty hazelnut and roasted coffee in the very long finish' and they suggest pairing it with beef tenderloin medallions or prime rib.

Source: Twitter.com + WholeFoodsMarket.com