After nearly a year on store shelves, now's about the time we'd expect John Mayer to trot out a Bonus/Deluxe version of 'Born & Raised' but instead of simply repackaging a few year-old b-sides and going for the re-release cash grab that we're so used to seeing these days, he's choosing to give fans a brand new release! Here's what John had to say about it on his Tumblr:

New record this Summer...Not a Born and Raised "plus"...A new group of songs to bring the whole thing up to date with Summer 2013. I have that hunger that always precedes something meaningful. See you all soon. And thanks for the warm welcome back to the stage. Getting back on it a little at a time.

No word yet on how John plans to distribute the release - It's possible that it could start off as a tour exclusive merch booth item (with no Twin Cities tour dates on the books, that could make it a tough acquisition for Minnesota fans) but given the commercial success of 'Born & Raised' we're guessing that this release will make it's way to digital retailers and brick & mortar stores eventually, if not right away. We'll keep you posted on official details as they are made available.

And in other Mayer news, John was in New York recently to perform a 4-song set at Eric Clapton's annual Crossroads Guitar Festival. The festival has a rich history of unique collaborations and John's performance of The Beatles' classic 'Don't Let Me Down' featuring Keith Urban was certainly one of the standout collaborations from this year's festivities:

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Photo Credit: Gari Lamar Askew II