It’s officially the one-week countdown until Jimmy Fallon succeeds Jay Leno as host of the 'The Tonight Show' on Monday, Feb. 17, and big-name musical guests and stars are joining him in his late night primetime debut.

Check out the weekly line-up below!

Monday, Feb. 17th: U2 (Guest star Will Smith)
Tuesday, Feb. 18th: Lady Gaga (Guest stars Jerry Seinfeld and Kristen Wiig)
Wednesday, Feb. 19: Tim McGraw (Guest star Bradley Cooper)
Thursday, Feb. 20: Arcade Fire (Guest stars Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell)
Friday, Feb. 21: Justin Timberlake (Both guest star and musical guest!)

In an interview with Billboard, Fallon discussed the transition from 'Late Night' to 'The Tonight Show' by comparing it to hosting the Emmys in 2010. He said initially NBC execs told him no one will watch if he hosted because he has too young of an audience, but "We hosted the Emmys and did what we normally do on our show," said Fallon. "Its ratings were up from the year before. With the 'The Tonight Show,' they're kind of just letting me do it."