NBC recently announced that they’re planning a televised production of the musical 'Peter Pan' and that Peter will be played by actress Allison Williams. Not to be outdone by the competition, Jimmy Kimmel announced last night that his network, ABC, will try to top NBC by airing a live production of the musical 'Annie' starring Ed Sheeran! We can't be sure but based on the clip from last night's show Ed seems to be having some reservations about accepting role...

Ed's Target Center concert is just around the corner on Sept. 15th and the question on every Sheerio's mind is, "How do I get backstage to meet Ed?" Lucky for you, we've got the hook up! Here's the catch: We won't begin dishing out tickets or backstage passes until September 8th, but we wanted to share the giveaway specifics with you extra early so that you have time to plan + strategize. Find out how to win tickets or backstage passes courtesy of Empire Beauty Schools by clicking here »

Source: eOnline.com