Ingrid Michaelson's next music video will be all about facing your fears, starring you! Talking about your fears definitely has therapeutic benefits, and in this case it could also be your ticket to a little viral video notoriety.

Here's how to take part: First you'll need to record a quick 1 minute video explaining your fear, how it has impacted your life, and how you intend to conquer it. Upload that thing to YouTube, grab the link, and then head to to fill out a quick questionnaire about your fears and attach the video link. The deadline to submit your entry is August 4th, so don't drag your feet!

Ingrid hasn't specifically said which song the video will be for, but we do recall her proudly proclaiming during her Cities 97 Basilica Block Party set that 'Afterlife' would be the follow-up single to 'Boys Chase Girls' so we're thinking it's a likely candidate for this video project. It certainly wouldn't hurt to brush up on the tune prior to submitting your entry: