When we saw a new mailing list update from Ingrid Michaelson arrive in our inbox last night, we have to admit that we were more than a little excited to finally get some intel on her new record. Last we had heard, she was planning a Fall release so the timing would be perfect...turns out Ingrid has had to push back the release of her new record so while we won't be hearing any new original music from Ingrid until probably next year, we will be seeing a new release from her side project, Army of 3, next Tuesday:

"I've been working on a new record and had hoped to release it this fall, but life got in the way. Since so much time had passed since the last album and tour, I wanted to put something out to hold you over until the new record is out early next year. So many people have asked to be able to buy the previous ARMY OF 3 covers, so I decided to do 2 more and put them out in the meantime. I hope you enjoy. I look forward to seeing you all next year."

For those of you in need a quick refresher, here's Ingrid running down the history of the Army of 3 project:

Ingrid has already confirmed that her Gotye + Rihanna covers will be included on the new EP as well as two as yet unannounced new covers:

You can keep tabs on all the Army of 3 updates via Ingrid's YouTube channel or by signing up for her mailing list. Look for the Army of 3 EP to hit digital retailers like iTunes + Amazon.com on Tuesday, October 1st.

Source: IngridMichaelson.com eNewsletter