Real or fake? That's been the on-going discussion amongst the Cities 97 staff ever since Imagine Dragons tweeted this insane photo allegedly from a May 8th gig at the Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh, NC with nothing more than the cryptic words 'Look close...':

Clearly, you can see why we'd be skeptical. We had a hard time believing that Imagine Dragons front-man Dan Reynolds could pull off such a feat, especially while nursing a recently broken wrist. So what's the real story here? Has Dan been pounding Red Bull Energy Drinks? Did the band uncover Icarus' mythical wings during their world travels? Or, is it more likely that it is simply a fake...

Turns out that this photo is 100% legit! What the photo fails to capture is the rigging involved in making a stunt like this possible...let's go to the video! Here's an audience-shot clip of this performance of 'Radioactive' from a similar vantage point as the photo (the acrobatics get underway around the 3:35 mark):

And here's a more revealing angle of the stunt:

There you have it! Wires or not, still a very impressive live feat and surely the highlight of the show for anyone lucky enough to have attended. We can only hope that Imagine Dragons bring this rig to the Twin Cities for their gig at Roy Wilkins Auditorium on September 30th.

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