Musical talent emerges in all sorts of crazy ways, but Capital Cities emerged in one of the most interesting ways yet. Everyone has heard of buying furniture or used cars on Craigslist, and some even find entertainment in reading Craigslist's "Missed Connections", but what about discovering musical talent on the website? That's exactly how Capital Cities came to be.

Rolling Stone spilled all the details on Capital Cities' unique beginning. Sebu Simonian put an ad up on Craiglist in search of production work and was answered by now-partner Ryan Merchant. Merchant, L.A. songwriter, recalls the ad, "I remember checking out Sebu's work and feeling like he was a kindred spirit."

After the two met up, they started collaborating and recording jingles for companies such as Hallmark and Honda. Amidst jingle-recording, they started working on their single, 'Safe and Sound' back in 2009. They initially serviced the single directly to the blogosphere and it somehow became a hit in Peru, eventually leading to a deal with Capitol Records.

The duo says they're writing once again and considering, "Farrah Fawcett Hair" as their next single, but don't have any determined release date as of yet. All we can know is to expect the unexpected from this talented duo.