What can we tell you about the artist known as Lorde? She's a 16 year old from New Zealand - Real name's Ella. She was the first New Zealand artist to have four songs in New Zealand's Top 20 at one time. Her EP, 'The Love Club' is out now and she's been in the studio working on a new full length, release date TBA. What else...Oh, every time we play her song 'Royals' our phone lines + twitter feed blow up so clearly y'all are digging her style which is why we figured you'd like to have a listen to her 5-song EP, free of charge, no strings attached.

Enjoy the stream below & share it with your friends!

If you like what you just heard, head over to itunes and add it to your collection now. Now that we've got that out of the way, head over to Paul Fletcher's blog to hear her cover The Replacements' tune 'Swingin' Party'.

Source: Soundcloud.com