The Cities 97 Frequent Listener Club is your direct link to Cities 97 and best of all, it's free!

Current benefits include:
Weekly Frequent Listener eNewsletters: Through our newsletter, Club members get the inside scoop on upcoming concerts and events plus special members-only contests & offers like access to invites to Studio C, artist meet & greets as well as presale opportunities for upcoming concerts. 

-- Frequently Asked Questions --

I want in. How do I sign up for the Frequent Listener Club? Click here to access the sign up form. At the bottom of the form where it asks 'Would you like to receive our emails with exclusive station updates?' make sure you pick 'Yes'.

I need to update my account, how do I do that? You can edit your profile via this link. If you need any additional assistance updating your profile, reach out to

How do I access Cities 97 ticket presales? Presale passwords are different each time and will be sent to Club members via e-mail a few days before the presale begins, or in the monthly newsletter. Purchasing tickets before the public on-sale does not guarantee better seating - only the opportunity to purchase tickets before a possible sell-out.

I signed up for the club but have not seen any emails from you. What's going on? Internet Service Providers and Email providers (Comcast, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) maintain lists of e-mail marketers that conform to their standards. We are on these lists, and do everything possible to reach our users. However, as ISPs continue to update their spam-protection procedures, many of our messages are blocked. If you have suddenly stopped receiving your member messages, we suggest the following:

- Asking your ISP to add our send address,, to your 'safe list'
- Adjusting your default spam settings
- Providing an alternate e-mail address through a different provider

For those using a work email address: Many companies block mass e-mail messages to protect their employees from spam. Unfortunately, since we send our member updates to thousands of members simultaneously, they qualify as 'mass e-mails.' You can ask your IT department to add our send address,, to your safe list, or provide an alternate e-mail address outside your company.

Questions about your membership? Send an email to