It was about a week and a half ago that we brought you the Twin Cities radio debut of a brand new Eric Hutchinson tune called 'Shine On Me' but boy what a tease that was - we played it, you loved it, but then the emails started piling up...Everyone wanted to know where they could get copy of 'that new Eric Hutchinson song.' Our very own Paul Fletcher tried to get to the bottom of it but all he could uncover was that Eric was planning to give the track away for free as part of an upcoming live, acoustic record. The days started drifting away and there wasn't a peep about the album or the song. To be quite honest, we started veering into unstable stalker territory with how frequently we were refreshing Eric's Facebook + Twitter feeds. Those dark days are behind us and we're happy to report that the wait is over - You can nab up Eric's new live record 'Almost Solo in NYC' for free starting today!

The album features almost-acoustic renditions of fan favorites like 'Watching You Watch Him' and 'Rock & Roll' as well as new gems like 'Shine On Me' and a stellar cover of The Police's 'Every Little Thing She Does is Magic' but if you ask us, the real highlight is the between song banter - #hilarious

To help promote the record, Eric shared this fantastic animated video that highlights one particularly 'wacky' talk-break about enjoying a 'funny cigarette' in Amsterdam:

Full Tracklisting: Almost Solo In New York City

1) Ok, It's Alright With Me
2) I'm a Foot Stomper*
3) Watching You Watch Him
4) Watching You Eat Shrimp (Red Lobster Commercial Parody)
5) Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (The Police Cover)
6) Emo in College*
7) Breakdown More
8) Outside Villanova
9) Amsterdam*
10) Shine On Me (Previously Unreleased New Song!)
11) Rock & Roll

*Between song banter - Don't skip these, they are absolutely hilarious!

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