Ed Sheeran's second album, "X" (pronounced "Multiply"), will drop on June 23rd. Expect tracks from the British singer as dynamic and emotional as the journey that got him to this point.

Ed Sheeran composed over 120 songs for "X" and worked with producers like Rick Rubin, Pharrell Williams and Benny Blanco to refine his work.

One song that made the cut, "Don't," details Sheeran's romantic fling with a fellow famous singer that turned ugly. Cities fans privy to Sheeran and Taylor Swift's professional history together may be suspicious as to who Sheeran is singing about. Rest assured, it's not Swift.

"It's 100 percent not about Taylor." Said Sheeran in an interview with Rolling Stone.

The passion of "don't" will be infused into every song on "X," in a way Sheeran hopes packs a lasting punch.

"I wanted raw, honest songs from the heart," Sheeran told Rolling Stone about "X". "When you hear that Kesha-Pitbull song, you know it's a hit, but it doesn't make you want to cry or laugh or sit in a corner for five hours just repeating it."

Source: RollingStone.com