The end of this month—on Feb. 25 to be exact—marks The Fray’s highly anticipated release of their fourth studio album 'Helios.' As their Billboard Hot 100 hit 'Love Don't Die' climbs the charts, The Fray is building even more hype with a live, commercial-free, half-hour long performance on the Fuse cable channel tonight at 7pm that will also be streamed live via YouTube:

Up until 6:30pm tonight, fans can even cast a vote for one of the songs The Fray will perform (3 choices: 'How to Save a Life,' 'Hurricane' or 'Wherever This Goes.') Vote for your favorite at »

In an exclusive interview with Fuse, the 4-man group from Denver collectively agreed that 'Helios' is much brighter than past records due to life changes like having children or getting married. "'Scars and Stories' was a dark time for us," said guitarist Joe King, "We've come out of that time period and can breathe again."

The Fray is known for radio hits like "Over My Head (Cable Car)" and "You Found Me," but frontman Issac Slade admits that playing old songs occasionally doesn't sit right with the band. "They’re like an old jacket that doesn’t fit," he said.

So while the group will for sure be playing the top-voted fan favorite song, based on Slade’s above statement audiences watching Fuse tonight can probably count on a version of The Fray that is looking toward the future instead of relying on past successes.

Source: Fuse.TV