Phillip Phillips has postponed the remainder of his college tour, including a concert at the University of St. Thomas on May 11th, due to illness: is reporting that the dates were rescheduled due to "...exhaustion, dehydration, and kidney failure." Phillip has publicly dealth with health problems like this before - During his time on 'Idol' he underwent painful surgery to install a stent in his kidney and his father later revealed to People that Phillip underwent no fewer than eight surgeries while he was on the show. Within days of Phillip's 'Idol' win last year, he endured a six-hour operation to have a kidney reconstructed.

We're hoping that the upbeat vibe of Phillips' tweet means that his health isn't nearly as deteriorated as some might be drawn to assume (based on his health history) and that it is far more likely that he simply wants to ensure that he's well-rested and prepared to win over new fans when he kicks off his rigorous 41-date tour with John Mayer in July.

As for the postponed shows, rescheduled dates have not been announced yet - Best bet is to follow Phillip on Twitter for updates concerning the makeup shows.

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