Excitement surrounds the upcoming release of the second installment of the Hunger Games film trilogy, and the soundtrack falls nothing short of pure musical magnificence. The Hunger Games soundtrack features several incredibly talented musicians, including the band Of Monsters and Men.

After an adventurous summer tour, the band recorded the track, "Silhouettes" for the upcoming film. Not only was the band excited about recording a new song in contribution to the soundtrack, but several of the band members are fans of the Hunger Games books, according to the band's frontman Ragnar Þórhallsson.

“I don’t read a lot, but I decided to read these,” Þórhallsson remarked in an interview with Paste magazine, “I thought it was a good story. I saw the first movie, and it’s pretty good — does the book justice.”

In addition to recording, "Silhouettes" the band revealed that they are starting on a new follow-up album to their 2011 debut album, My Head is an Animal. The band is hoping to record the album this summer and release it before next Christmas, "What we did with the first album was just write songs, and I think we want to do that again and not think about things too much,” Þórhallsson told Paste. “Things will happen when they happen and hopefully the second will be better, and if not, we will just release a record that makes us happy.”.

Source: PasteMagazine.com