"I mean, how much more personal can you get than sex?" frontman Tyler Glenn tells Rolling Stone, confirming in case of any doubt that the new Neon Trees single 'Sleeping With a Friend' is about precisely what it suggests...sex.

Following the huge success of 'Everybody Talks' in 2012, the pop rock band Neon Trees of Provo, Utah has released their "biggest-sounding song to date" off their third studio album 'Pop Psychology', due out April 22.

Glenn said he was inspired by Peter Gabriel’s 'So' record because of its catchy pop beats, and consequently that transferred onto Neon Trees’ new album. He described the single in an interview with Rolling Stone, saying that it "is not a sex song the way 'Blurred Lines' is...It's the kind of sex song that isn't the S&M, Rihanna-fueled fantasy world, but something a lot more intimate and therefore dangerous."

The band performed a series of impromptu shows for West Coast fans this week in Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and L.A., and will continue to preview the song on upcoming performances with Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Jan. 16) and The Today Show (Jan. 17).

Source: RollingStone.com