Mayer teams up with UK Pop/R&B vocalist Jessie Ware for his latest release, 'Her Favorite Song'. The track opens with a dark, slinky guitar groove and quickly dips into classic Justin Timberlake territory - a far cry from the pure 80's flavor on the track Mayer leaked last month as a free download, 'Designer Drug'.

Take a listen to 'Her Favorite Song' here:

'Where Does This Door Go' is slated for release on July 16th and with two new songs already floating around online, it's unlikely that we'll hear any other new material from the LP ahead of it's release date...that is, unless you join us at the 2013 Cities 97 Basilica Block Party where Mayer is certain to unveil a handful of new tracks during his set on Friday, July 12th - tickets are on sale now!