Tomorrow marks the 1-month countdown to the release of Lorde's full length debut 'Pure Heroine', and we're honstly a little surprised at the lack of publicity for the release so far in the United States...having only played 2 gigs in the States, it looks as though Lorde has her sights squarly aimed at Australia and her home market of New Zealand. Other than a little promo for her upcoming Australian tour in October, she's been all but silent on Facebook + Twitter...If you're like us, you not only 'crave a different kind of buzz' but you're likely craving for some new music!

Hopefully this 'Royals' remix from The Weekend will help tide you over until she releases some new stuff:

If you're still craving more and you can tolerate fan-shot, live concert footage, hit up this link to see Lorde perform nearly every new song from her record...the quality of the footage varies but it will at least give you a sample of what's to come on September 30th.