We know from a newly published interview with Billboard that Lorde has been writing a lot of new material while on tour but hasn't had the time to record anything, yet, so where did this brand new track come from? Lorde quietly published 'No Better' to iTunes last night with little to no information on its origins...we have to assume that the track is a b-side leftover from the recording sessions for her debut full length release 'Pure Heroine' but that's really just a best guess. Whatever the case may be, if you're a fan of Lorde's 'The Love Club' EP or her latest full length then you'll definitely want to add 'No Better' to your collection.

Still not sure you want to drop $1.29 on this new, mystery track from Lorde? Sample it before you buy via the player below:

'No Better' is available on iTunes now, click here to purchase »

Source: PasteMagazine.com