Back on February 19th, John Mayer tweeted about heading into New York's famed Electric Ladyland Studios for a recording session that sounded like it could be the beginning of the next John Mayer Trio record. Trio mainstays Pino Palladino and Steve Jordan were in attendance but as John started pushing out updates, the sessions started to veer away from being a Trio project and started to morph into something much cooler:

Chick Corea and Wallace Roney are two big time, heavy-hitting players in the jazz/fusion world. Wallace is a trumpeter that studied with Miles Davis AND Dizzy Gillespie and Chick Corea is a legendary jazz pianist whose accolades are too far reaching to summarize here..both are the real deal and if they are not on your radar, you have some homework to do!

The recording session wrapped after less than a week and the tweets from John dried up. Fans wondered when they would finally hear the results from such a powerhouse session...well, John spilled the beans yesterday and leaked one of the tracks, titled 'Little Sur':

While you're marinating in 7-minutes of pure jazz bliss, here's what John had to say about the track and session on his Tumblr:

Here’s a full seven minute tune I loosely composed called “Little Sur,” recorded last February in New York City. I got together with some of my friends and favorite players for six amazing days of playing music with no rules, no plans, and no pressure. Oh, and no vocals. What came from it was a really inspired batch of recordings. Hours of music that I’ll need to sift through at some point should it ever become an album. (I hope it does.)

So here it is. Free music. Played freely, shared freely. Put it on and go for the ride… If you dig all seven minutes, then surely you deserve them.

There are times for marketing strategies, and there are times for just p l a y i n g. The original design for all musicians. Hope you enjoy hearing this as much as I did.

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