James Blunt released his latest single, 'Bonfire Heart', in dramatic fashion earlier this morning and it has netted him a bit of unwanted press as well as social scathing from Blunt-haters the world over. On the eve of its radio debut, Blunt had intended to give his fan club members a special early listen to 'Bonfire Heart' by sharing a special streaming link via email. Much to Blunt's surprise, the email went out to more than a few unwilling recipients:

While some are commending James on his unique marketing strategy, others are clearly less enthused about the fiasco and are using Twitter to warn others of Blunt's nefarious intentions:

James' label, Warner Music International, explained to The Independent that the mass spamming was due to a "clerical error, the email was accidentally serviced to some users who had subscribed to mailing lists for other Warner Music artists."

Enough about the alleged spam attack, what about the song? Dig into the Phillip Phillips-esque 'Bonfire Heart' below:

Eager to hear more? In addition to the new single, Blunt also released an appropriately spacey NASA themed teaser trailer for the new record that contains portions of another lovely new tune. Check it out below:

James' full length, 'Moon Landing', is slated for release in the UK on October 21st but US fans will have to wait until Tuesday, November 5th to own it.

Source: Soundcloud.com + Independent.co.uk