Glen Hansard has often been compared to Bruce Springsteen and his new EP, Drive All Night, does nothing to discourage these comparisons. The Irish singer-songwriter collaborated with Joe Henry, Jake Clemons and Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder to create a title track cover of Springsteen's song. Although the EP also features three original tunes, the nearly nine minute, "Drive All Night," acts as centerpiece to Hansard's work.

Hansard has professional as well as personal history with Springsteen. In an interview with Rolling Stone last year, Hansard rehashed words of wisdom from the musical great. "[Bruce] said, 'When you have success, you need to mark it, even if it's opening a beer or a bottle of champagne or going to dinner with your family or taking a holiday. If you don't mark your success, then the day your ship comes in might just be another day at the office.' And I remember thinning, 'Jesus, that's so true!'"

Drive All Night will be released physically on Nov. 25 via ANTI--, and digitally on Dec. 3. Digital sales proceeds of "Drive All Night," will be donated to the Little Kids Rock music charity.

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