Pop singer Eric Hutchinson has released an upbeat new single on the Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy called “Tell the World,” which is the first we've heard from his upcoming album ‘Pure Fiction’ due out on April 8th.

In the interview with WSJ, Hutchinson says that the song is about enjoying the simple things in life and “kind of a jab at how no moment is safe from being shared with the whole world anymore,” he said. “But it’s also about wanting to share the best things in life with everybody you know.”

Hutchinson is specifically referring to aspects of social media that absorb his life on Facebook and Instagram, but the singer/songwriter from New York mentions he also gained insight from his music taking him all over the world. He joked, “I’ve noticed that the same things are important to everyone everywhere: Love, loss, fear, triumph and French fries.”

Stream 'Tell The World' on-demand below:

Source: Blogs.WSJ.com