Hearing the new audio is great and all but the video treatment really leaves much to be desired! Christina obviously knows this and is looking for your help to create a proper lyric video for 'I Believe' by featuring your Instagram shots! Listen to the tune, pick out your favorite lyric, snap a shot or video of you with that lyric and then upload it to Instagram and tag it with #cpibelieve. If you need some more details or you would like a full rundown of the song lyrics, hit up ChristinaPerri.com »

Christina's new album, 'Head or Heart', is slated for release on March 11th and preorders are available now via iTunes »

Oh, and don't forget that CP will be headed to the Twin Cities for a gig at Mill City Nights on April 8th. The reserved balcony seats are completely sold out but there are still general admission tickets available for purchase via AXS.com »

Source: YouTube.com