Sia's singing style, range & phrasing are so unique and challenging that most singers just can't touch her, but that didn't stop Sara Bareilles from grabbing her Ukulele and boldly covering 'Chandelier' during her show in Charlottesville, VA last week! One of the things we love most about Sara is her unflinching honesty, and it was clearly on display as she intro'd the cover, making sure that her audience understood the vocal challenge she was about to undertake:

"I'm gonna try to sing this song...and let me tell you right now, it's really f---ing hard!"

We were already bumming about Sara's 'Little Black Dress Tour' bypassing the Twin Cities, so this amazing cover isn't exactly helping to ease that pain. If anything, we're now even more jealous of every other city on the tour! I suppose we should look on the bright side and just be thankful that generous fans are willing to film and share these incredible concert moments...

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