It often seems like every musician has an interesting start, and Dave Grohl is no exception. The Nirvana + Foo Fighters founder played in several other bands. In the late '80s Grohl dipped his feet into the music scene of Washington DC by participating as drummer in Dain Bramage, a 3-man band. The 3-man band comprised of Grohl as drummer, vocalist Reuben Radding and bassist Dave Smith, made their musical start in the evolving Washington DC punk scene.

Although the band only lasted about two years, they made their mark in the music world by releasing two cassette demos and an LP. According to Antiquiet, it's pretty easy to find their LP, I Scream Not Coming Down, circulating the internet. However, their demos were pretty hard to find until just recently. Antiquiet uncovered eight songs from Dain Bramage's Laundry Room session (circa 1986) and the highlight is a cover of Grand Funk Railroad's 'We're An American Band'. Check out the complete demo reel below:

No official news of a musical reunion has been released, however last fall Dain Bramage did share a reunion photo via Twitter with all three former band members posed together. We can always hope that one day the group may release another song or two, but for now we will just have to enjoy their music from the past.

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