Fun. has gone to the dogs.

Fun. band member Andrew Dost has been using his talents to compose new music that will be used for relaxing dogs on the channel DogTV. The instrumental pieces, mostly composed of delicate keyboard sounds, were debuted on DogTV on Monday and are intended to help decrease stressful feelings in dogs when they are home alone. Grab your pup and sample a pair of Andrew's compositions below:

“I approached this composition project differently than I would for human ears,” said Dost. “I made sure the range of frequencies and instrumentation were tailored to a dog's unique sense of hearing and kept things musically more level and linear.”

Instead of keeping the money from the project for himself, Dost will give his pay to a dog shelter in his hometown of Detroit, Mich. called A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue.

Dog lovers of the world can love Fun. a little more knowing that one of their members wants to share his talents with the canines of the world, composing songs even they can enjoy.