For the American Authors, this past week could’ve provided them with “the best day of their lives” to play off the band’s first smash hit, as they moved into their first tour bus. Okay so maybe not the best day of their lives, but it is still pretty cool for the New York based pop/rock band.

"We just moved to a tour bus. We've known each other and we've been playing music together for seven years. We all live in the same small apartment back in Brooklyn, same one that we moved into when we moved there as struggling artists, and on every tour that we've done we've always had a 15-passenger van," front man Zac Barnett tells Billboard as we meet with the band in the trailer. "We just upgraded to a 15-passenger with a trailer this past fall and today we upgraded to a bus."

That bus is going to be put to good use as the up and coming rockers recently kicked off their first national tour, with OneRepublic and The Script. The tour got stated this past week at the famed Red Rocks in Denver.

The tour is a dream come true for a group of guys who have exploded on the radio with their hit “Best Day of My Life”. The first week of the tour has been memorable for the Authors, as OneRepublic has not wasted any time making the band feel right at home on the road.

"They bought us very Colorado things, they bought us Voodoo Donuts first day, this delicious whiskey, and wrote us this sweet little card," Matt Sanchez says. Clearly American Authors are well on their way to cultivating a solid friendship with their tourmates in OneRepublic, and the Authors are not shy about their intentions to hopefully turn that friendship into a deeper industry relationship.

OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Tedder is not only an incredibly talented vocalist, but also well known for his writing and producing, and American Authors are very adamant about working with him on a future project.

"We're going for it," Barnett says. "We're warming him up, we're leaving little love notes outside his dressing room." Whether or not the tactics of the American Authors ends up working on Tedder, we will have to see, but any song would be better with the “Tedder Touch”.