According to the World Music Awards, Adele will be releasing her third studio album in 2015, which will also be followed by a tour.

The album will be titled 25 and will follow up her groundbreaking second album, 21. The artist’s next project is appropriately titled 25 due to her age when recording it.

According to, Adele has said the record is complete but will not leak any hints as to how soon the album could release, 2015 is the speculation but it could be released at any moment before that (Beyonce did the same thing for her last album).

Her last album sold over 30 million copies and gave Adele an easy path to winning basically every award there is to win in the music world, so there is a very good chance that 25 will put her right back atop her musical throne.

Update: The original tweet from World Music Awards has been deleted! It's possible that Adele's team got wind of the sensitive info it contained and requested it be pulled down...does this mean the rumors are true? Maybe it's nothing but at the time this article was published, Adele's official website, was unavailable...Perhaps she's giving her old '21' album-themed site a new album makeover?

Photo: Getty Images